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About Us

Looking for a property in Lanzarote? We are the perfect real estate, available for you to ensure that all the aspects of the purchase of your home – or selling – work correctly.

A qualified and professional team  will answer  all your questions in more than 5 languages and will give you all the facilities for the acquisition of  your property.

Our local contacts enable us to commercialize all type of properties for sale and rent with success, including land and commercial enterprises, as well as a full range of houses, properties across the island from the selling of villas, apartments and shops to  long vacation holiday season rentings. We have also a wide portfolio of businesses, trades, commercial leases, and local frontline banking products.

And if we do not have it? Our team will look for the best property according to your criteria and needs, we will make your dreams come true.

If you opt for an exclusive look foreclosures bank finance at 100%, these services are free and are based on looking for more than 6 different banks in order to find the one that suits your financial needs, and make sure that what you are buying is right and is up to date regarding all the legal matters.

Once you have chosen  your property, Timanfaya house will work to negotiate the best possible price for it.You should also keep in mind that, in Lanzarote, there are costs above the sales price.

You have almost always to  calculate 10% of the sales price, which should cover all the expenses you will have. This includes the tax (tax on transfers of assets – transfer tax), notary fees, land registry etc.
1% can be removed if there is not any mortgage. As a general rule,it will be required a deposit of 2,000 € to 6,000 €, depending on the value of the property, to remove the property from the market and for the time spent on legal matters in order to proceed with the sale.

You will be also required  to obtain an NIE number. This means Foreigner Identification Number valid for all the inhabitants of the EU.
This document is mandatory for all non-residents wishing to purchase a property in Spain and have to be obtained before. It is a very simple process that we will do for you.

Timanfaya house legal department will examine the results of the simple note,  in the local registry, in order to search the property you want to buy. This will confirm if everything is in order, for example, that marketers are actually the real owners, and that there are not encumbrances or legal problems regarding  the property. Profits will be reviewed and there will be  a search by the local council to highlight the future urban plans of the area and ensure that all taxes have been paid.

Reservation Contract

Once the search has been done and confirmed that everything is legally in order, a private sale and purchase agreement will be drawn up between the buyer and the seller. This will set the conditions of the transaction, identifies the property and the parties involved, and the deadline for completion.

Once the contract is drawn up and both parties are happy to sign the contract, the buyer will have to transfer 10% (according the agreed sales price) to the customer´s account Timanfaya House, which is regulated by the Spanish Government.  After signing the contract, if the buyer backs out of the sale, the deposit will be lost. If sellers can not sell after this stage, they will be forced to pay the buyer a 10% deposit, plus this same amount in compensation.

If you are buying with a mortgage, Timanfaya House will contact your bank to process the transaction in the best way possible. Request  us a form indicating what documents you need  to start the application.

If you do not need a mortgage or have finances, you will have a different negotiation when it comes to negotiating a price once you have decided your  property.

And finally you will sign the new title deed in the presence of a Spanish notary, with the help of a translator appointed by the court, and the remaining amount will have to be paid to the supplier. Before that, the notary carry out his/her own search to verify that everything is in order concerning the purchase.

The notary will require all the original documents in order to identify the seller and the buyer and all the property documents and the proof of the taxes payment.

After signing the deed at the notary, Timanfaya House will complete its notes paying the stamp duty and the registration of your title. The whole process of signing the notary deed and receiving your registration will take  two months approximately, but you are entitled to receive a single copy within 2-3 days since the signature.

Utility bills will be transferred to your name and direct debits will be created to pay future bills. The same thing will be done with the anuual taxes and with  the community expenses if your property is in a complex with a community of owners.

If interested in any property let us know and we will send you a list of the appropriate documents you will have to provide, and we will study each case.

Timanfaya House team offers.
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